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Wednesday, October 16, 2002

Clark For President!

Clark Kent? GREAT choice, but no - retired General Wesley Clark has created a boomlet. This story (scroll waaay down) was noticed by The Brothers Judd, provoking a rare appearance by the Other Brother! The New Republic also noticed, which drew in Atrios.

So, would the General have an opinion on Iraq?

In his visit, Clark was noticeably critical of President Bush’s pre-emptive strike policy and for the administration’s willingness to fight a war in Iraq without support from allies."

Well, is this part of a larger plan?

"... this visit is just one of many Clark is doing around the country to understand public sentiment about the war."

About which, TNR says:

"... Clark does have more or less instant credibility on foreign policy and national security. Clark could use it to express the views many Democrats privately hold--that the administration's Iraq policy is hopelessly misguided--but which would get any other Democrat slaughtered in a general election."

Ironists would delight in seeing a retired General at a benefit hosted by Barbra, or at an anti-war rally. However, the General would have an instant constituency and easy access to money. Would the media fawn over a straight-talking anti-war General? Please. Start reserving those domain names now. And if he ends up as Secretary of State, or Defense, or as somebody's VP, well, there is always 2008, and beyond!

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