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Friday, October 11, 2002

Cry Havoc! And Let Slip the Dogs of War!

Or at least, the dogs of Jimmy-bashing. Although overshadowed by subsequent Clinton-bashing, I expect we will see that the old feeling is still out there, following this news. Heck of a headline to wake up to.

UPDATE: OK, maybe something got lost in the translation: perhaps he was awarded the Nobel Peanuts Prize.

Anyway, here is a link to the memorable "National Malaise" speech, in which he does not utter those words, but otherwise succeeds in defining his Presidency. And here is Jay Nordlinger of NRO with a Carter-palooza from last May.

Now, my own personal favorite Carter story, and this is straight from my twisted memory. Interesting chance to see how much is accurate, and how much of a crank I have become:

Way back in 1986, Reagan ordered the bombing of Qadaffi's personal compound in Libya, with the hope of terminating the man who had sponsored numerous terrorist attacks, including a recent attack on US serviceman at a disco in Germany. Qadaffi escaped, but the experience did seem to change his behavior. Regrettably, one of his children was hurt or killed in the attack.

Carter, in criticizing this US attack, said, roughly, if someone hurt my daughter, I would hunt that man to the ends of the earth. This being pre-botox, eyebrows were raised. Hmm, a former President pre-endorsing terrorist retaliation? Or, a former President unaware that some of the Libyan sponsored terrorist attacks had killed American children, so that we were, arguably, hunting Qadaffi to the ends of the earth? The confusion was understandable: Mr. Carter had not made clear that, having hunted the fellow to the ends of the earth, he would next attempt to jaw him to death.

Oh, please, of course you remember that air-raid! The bombers left from England, and France denied us overflight rights. Some wag suggested a possible compromise: extend the air-space vertically, and see if a flight plan could be devised that hopscotched from one American cemetery in France to the next. Just another great moment in Franco - US relations.

UPDATE 2: Oh, the Brothers Judd are steaming.

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