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Thursday, October 10, 2002

Deeply Irritating, But Not Totally Wrong

Following the Maryland Sniper case, the InstaPundit links to a chap I will characterize, on my brief reading of his blog, as a concerned civil libertarian. Apparently the police were checking his building following reports of a man with a long gun, and knocked on his door. Since he had been walking around with a handgun that day (all legal), he said yes, I was walking around with a gun, the cops came in, and not much seems to have transpired.

Deeply irritating quote:

"It's not pleasant to have cops come to your door..."

I suppose not. How it ranks relative to having five people (six?) killed, and a schoolkid put in critical condition is, I suppose, for each of us to assess. But I am sorry if this guy is having a bad day.

The author goes on to make some perfectly valid points which I find, in the current context, ludicrous. But that's just me. I seem to have more confidence in the ability of our society to manage short-term trade-offs, and I guess I don't see every slippery slope ending in a mud-bath. I also have this weird idea that, in this special case, a reaction of "Glad I could help, Officer, good luck catching the guy" might be more appropriate than "Hey, Officer, why are you hassling me?". Again, that's just me being quirky, or civic-minded, or blindly trusting, or hopelessly unprotective of my civil liberties, or something.

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