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Sunday, October 06, 2002

Did We Mention We Don't Like the Diamondbacks?

We didn't like them. But after this story about the radio "shock-jock", we really don't. So, the Cards got mad, and beat them at the BoB - excellent!

Now as to this DJ jerk: K J Lopez is on this, but has there been a blogosphere rally? One sponsor has dropped them already - we need sponsor lists, pressure points - Go, Arizona Bloggers, Go! My personal fantasy: John McCain gets involved and asks the FCC to update him on this stations's compliance. Chilling effect on free speech? Go for it. And Jean Carnahan from Missouri is a widow, too - what does she say about this?

But please, someone get Big John to say the following: "I am going to kick this DJ's ass until I wear out my boots or his butt - and I just bought new boots."

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