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Monday, October 14, 2002

Fisk, Sullivan, and The Fighting Irish

Commenting on the bombing in Bali, and the possibility of an al-Qaeda target list, famed Brit reporter Robert Fisk said:

"Our support for the United States – an infinitely closer alliance than any support from France – makes Britain the most likely candidate for attack after the US. Then there are the small, more vulnerable nations that give quiet assistance to the American military; Belgium, which hosts Nato HQ; Canada, whose special forces have also been operating in Afghanistan; Ireland, which allows US military aircraft to refuel at Shannon."

So, in a burst of Celtic pride, Andrew Sullivan comments:

"Dear Osama. Don't forget to murder the Irish. They've been nice to the Great Satan."

But I rally to the comment of NY Firefighter Michael Moran from last fall, as reported here:

"In the spirit of the Irish people, Osama bin Laden, you can kiss my royal Irish ass."

He added: "I live in Rockaway and this is my face."

And, in the sprit of such bravado, and because I finally read "How the Irish Saved Civilization" just this weekend, I will simply add that Osama may be crazy, but he isn't stupid.

UPDATE: Seriously? Look, the IRA has had connections to Middle Eastern terrorist groups for decades. Connections to al-Qaeda? Seems possible. Hence, the IRA and al-Qaeda teaming up against the British seems plausible. Al-Qaeda embarrassing the IRA by operating against the Irish in Ireland? I doubt even Mr. Fisk is seriously considering this.

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