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Friday, October 25, 2002

A Gothic Mystery

The divine Ms. E has a puzzle - first, this:

"A federal official said the two were being sought for questioning about possible ties to ``skinhead militia'' groups. This entire case is beyond bizarre, but this is the nuttiest thing I have ever read in the NY Times. Have they seen a picture of the chief suspect? What do they think a black man named "John Muhammad" would have to do with skinhead militias?"

Good question. But following the link raises a new question, as she tells us in an update:

"Moira Breen writes to inform me that the reference to "skinhead militias" in the NY Times article below is not there. I re-read it, and even Nexised it, no dice. It's gone. I swear I read it there. They must have yanked it."

Hey, I believed her. And I have been swearing at that little trick of the Times, too, although I suppose they should be allowed to update their own stories. "All the news that's fit to print.. and re-print... and revise".

Anyway, how cool would I be if I knew how to take screen shots? I checked Google-news for "skinhead militia" and guess what? Two citations: the NY Times piece Diane E had, and the ever-reliable St. Pete Times! No editor there, I guess. Well, not yet anyway - they might pull the rug any minute now. How do you do screen shots? I have a page printout - do I send the printer output to fax?

Well, here is the St. Pete quote:

"Moose also cautioned that the public should not assume Muhammad is involved in any of the shootings that have stricken the Washington area since Oct. 2.

Moose said Muhammad also goes by the name John Allen Williams and may be traveling with a juvenile.

An alert for a car presumed to be carrying the two was issued at 10 p.m., calling on area police to be on the lookout for a 1990 blue or burgundy Chevrolet Caprice bearing the New Jersey license plate NDA-21Z, the New York Times reported.

A federal official said the two were being sought for questioning about possible ties to "skinhead militia" groups, the newspaper said.

Emphasis added, and how! The good people at the St. Pete Times are reporting about an account in the NY Times? Man, will their face be red. What was that about the moving pen has writ, and having writ moves on? Except when it writ electronically, I guess. Then, it leaves us looking like half-writs.

UPDATE: Hmm, a post about old NY Times archives that links to Blogger archives? Do I get credit for a touching faith in technology? Looks like you have to trust me - there is a NY Times, a "Letter From Gotham", and, I believe, a Santa Claus.

UPDATE 2: Editorial assistant? Hey, a promotion! Probably that great coffee I made, back when my job was making coffee. Is the new pay as bad as the hours? And, boss-lady, you are over the e-mail limit.

As to screen shots, thank you - I now have the power. Will I turn it to good, or ill?

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