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Monday, October 07, 2002

Here Is Your Outrage

Back to the swamps of Jersey. From Newsday, the Long Island newspaper that is my new go-to source for Jersey news:

When asked whether it was fair for Lautenberg to replace Torricelli on the ballot, 54 percent in the Quinnipiac poll said no, but only 30 percent said they would not vote for Lautenberg because of the switch."

And, Battling Doug Forrester wants to take it to Old Man Lautenberg by proposing 21 debates in what is roughly 30 days. If Lautenberg dies of a heart attack, is Forrester guilty of murder? These Jersey Courts can be hard to predict.

Meanwhile, Forrester is working with a combination of audacity and ridicule:

"For my sake, it would be better to beat the pants off of Frank Lautenberg in the polls"


"If we come to Nov. 5 and we find out that I'm ahead, I hope that's the final date," Forrester said, his hands on his hips. "The Democrats may change it so I'll be running against Barbra Streisand in December."

This may turn into "Die Hard", people.

UPDATE: OK, I am worried about Lautenberg's health and this whole debate thing. Here is the juicy excerpt from the story above, if you are slacking off and not following every link:


The two candidates ran into each other Saturday at the Old Bridge Town Center, in Middlesex County. Forrester challenged Lautenberg to 21 debates in 21 counties. Lautenberg responded by saying, "I thought you didn't want me to be a candidate," but later told reporters he would debate "Any place, any time."

The Forrester campaign quickly sent out a press release announcing Lautenberg's acceptance of the 21-debate offer, but Lautenberg spokesperson Tom Shea said no schedule has been set.

"They're not hemmed in by the truth," Shea said. "We will debate, but nothing's been scheduled yet."

Forrester accused Lautenberg of "fast back-pedaling," then quipped that it might be for the best.

"I'm afraid that after they see the first debate, they're going to switch (Lautenberg) for someone else," Forrester said.

Well, Old Man Lautenberg will have better days. Still a month to go, unless he drops out.

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