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Wednesday, October 23, 2002

I Did Not Know This

And Google-News barely knows it either.

"Albert Gore III, son of the former vice president, was recently ticketed for driving under the influence."

Well, it is one sentence in a story headlined as follows:

"Noelle Bush could be your child"

OK, I am puzzled. Back in 2000, young Albert was arrested for speeding, and that was widely, if belatedly, reported. This story, dated Oct. 6, 2002, says "DUI", and "recently". It seems to be a new, and almost totally unreported, story.

So, maybe Al Gore Jr. is no longer an interesting public figure. Really? Former Vice-President, former Presidential candidate, leading candidate for the nomination of the Democrats in 2004? I am pretty sure this is the same Al Gore III who was a stage prop in the intro to "Earth in the Balance", as well as at Big Al's Democrat Convention speech in 1992. And DUI, after an earlier speeding violation, is dangerous - folks can get hurt, or killed. We remember that the Bush girls made the cover of People for having drinks in a restaurant. Friends don't let friends drink and walk. Or something.

If anyone knows about this incident, or knows why the reporting has been non-existent, I expect there is a blogosphere (or at least, a right half) that would be curious to learn more. This story actually seems to be Drudge-worthy.

Susanna Cornett got me started on this, BTW, and she has a link to this fellow. Third time lucky?

UPDATE: I get by with a little help from my friends. Here is a link to a message board with an AP story. Here is the NRO back in 2000 (so, pre-Jenna) on Al Gore, family man. Sort of an "All the Good News That's Fit to Print" situation.

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