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Sunday, October 27, 2002

I Don't Have The Stomach For This

Oh, game six of the World Series was going beautifully. Not only were the hated Angels, a subsidized "small market" team owned by Disney, losing, but they were doing it with style - offering no resistance through six innings, and seemingly poised on the brink of total humiliation and abject submission. Excellent! 44,000 Angel fans could watch the Giants dance on the Angels home field. Oh, how great would that be?

Instead, what happens? Three runs in the seventh, three more in the eighth, and the Angels win 6-5. In style! A gritty comeback, showing patience and character.

And what about the Angels fans? These clowns can't figure out how to cheer so they give them those Thunderstix. They can't figure out when to cheer, so the management has to have a "rally monkey" jump around to remind them there is a ballgame underway. Oh, man, if the Angels win the decisive game tonight, will these undeserving lamers even know that it's time to celebrate? Or will they just sit in their seats, spanking the rally monkey? This is not going well.

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