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Wednesday, October 30, 2002

Instant Grief Analysis

Atrios was critical of this comment by the InstaPundit. Gentleman, we have walked this road before, complete with Clinton-bashing for faux-emotion.

UPDATE: When Worlds Collide: I am currently getting more hits from Atrios than from the InstaPundit, both of whom have linked. May I say one thing? I am afraid to look. If I had any guts, I would get out from under my desk and see what they said. Just give me a minute.

OK, time for a forceful statement. I did not think of Wellstone, per se, when I saw the picture of Carter and Mondale laughing together. My first thought was "Clinton must have forgotten about the cameramen, here we go again". My second thought was, this pic needs a little explanatory dialogue. So, my suggestions:

(1) "Walt, you'll be a great candidate. You're not even as old as Lautenberg."

(2) "Hey, did you hear your old boss won the Nobel Peace prize?"
"Yeah, I wonder if he knows about North Korea?"

And, if they bring in a righty from the bullpen, I am ready:

(3) "The Treasury Secretary says the economic figures look pretty good."
"Well, the economy would be even better if Paul O'Neill hadn't retired".

And, a final thought, which will exhaust me on this subject. It passes as a word to the wise to the Dems, and it is "Reap what you sow". It is a sad fact that Ronald Reagan is an old, sick man who might, because life is so damn funny, die in the fall of 2004. In which case he may confound the Constitution by being elected to a third term.

UPDATE 2: Oh, final, not final, whatever. Nathan Newman has a good piece on why Wellstone's memorial had to be a political rally. But below that is a post that, beyond being interesting, has a computer generated graphic that any drug-law liberalizer could love. Check it out, and then explain it to me.

Can't stop. The Man Sans Q is unhappy. Orrin Judd drops the gloves. And a few stories have noted that both campaigns had agreed to suspend campaigning through Tuesday, and that the memorial was given three hours of expensive TV time. So, celebrate him as you wish - if that includes breaking a promise to your opponent, and exploiting the sometimes blurry line between legitimate news and partisan campaigning, so be it.

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