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Thursday, October 03, 2002

Know Your Demographic, Sports Fans

OK, the Angels won last night. But that is not what I want to talk about. When I watch "60 Minutes", I expect ads for Metamucil and Geritol. When I watch sports on TV, I expect ads for cars, beer, and trucks. So, what the heck was I seeing last night during the ballgame? Let me emphasize, the manly, beer-drinking, truck-driving ball game?

Viewers saw a long and, actually, quite interesting advertisement describing some of the symptoms and diagnostic issues surrounding bi-polar disorder. This, we learn, is a mental disorder easily mistaken for depression (in the down cycle - talk to your doctor.) Whoa. Why are they telling me this?

OK, I could see the connection if a Boston Red Sox crowd had tuned in. They probably haven't invented medication strong enough to help with that. But c'mon, this is the Yankees! We don't have a problem that can't be solved by winning, or spending! And then it hits me - hello! The opponent is the Angels, the Anaheim Angels, from Southern California! Got it. Chill, dude, it will be over soon.

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