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Wednesday, October 16, 2002

North Korea Cheating On Their Nuclear Weapons Agreement?

At least the Bush people kept this quiet until after Jimmy was awarded his Peanuts Prize.

So, chest thumping and "I told you so" from the Right (and they ARE right). Instant rationalizations and "what we really meant was..." from the Left. All tomorrow, presumably.

UPDATE: More from the NY Times. Hey, a positive spin on this! North Korea is reaching out to us with this admission - sort of Step One in a Twelve Step Treatment program.

Sensible concerns from Demosthenes. "Nightmare" seems to be the operative word, but he concludes it weakens the case against war with Iraq.

Drezner, our foreign policy guru, is out until Friday? Hand in your "instant analysis - instant gratification" blogger badge!

A Brother Judd thinks this strengthens the case for Action Now! against Iraq.

I know it's not really a blog, but here is Jonah Goldberg, saying this news vindicates the Bush approach.

And these blogger archive links seem to be working great! Jinx!

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