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Wednesday, October 23, 2002

The NY Times on Atta and the Prague Connection

Is there a link between al-Qaeda and Iraq? After Bush's mis-statement yesterday, what is our plan for Iraq? The Times wonders thusly:

"President Bush seemed to change course on Monday. He said the United States was trying to disarm Mr. Hussein "peacefully" and suggested that if Iraq complied with all United Nations resolutions, it would "signal the regime has changed." This may have been aimed at mollifying nervous allies, but it added to the impression that Mr. Bush isn't sure what his goals are in Iraq."

Oh, please. The notion that Bush has been unclear as to his goal in Iraq in ludicrous. Means, maybe. End? Regime change has been US policy since at least 1998, one mis-statement aside. Check this timeline, and "Saddam Out!" goes back to 1991.

As an aside, we continue to be curious to see how Mr. Safire treats the disappearing Atta connection.

UPDATE?: Man, Blogger has barely burped this up, and I am getting flak. Who else read Mark Kleiman's Very Interesting piece on this? I had merrily assumed we were victims of "Bush-speak". Mark links to this ABC News story which leaves us wondering, what is going on, if anything? Mark also has some ideas.

Do I have an idea? Well, fog of war, and its diplomatic counterpart. Meanwhile, between reading comics, teaching classes, and doing, like, real-world stuff, my man Drezner has left me high and dry on this.

UPDATE, AGAIN: OK, "Ooops" at the Times; not only did the meeting not take place, the Times story did not take place either. The non-story about the non-event.

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