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Sunday, October 27, 2002

The Partisan Nature of Politics

OK, first, a comic.

Second, we continue to mull over Prof. Krugman's concern that politics have become increasingly partisan as wealth has become more concentrated in this country.

Here is an interesting quote from our "not to be doubted" NY Times:

"Since at least 1992, when Bill Clinton won the White House by, in part, appropriating traditionally Republican issues, the nation's two political parties have increasingly sounded the same notes during campaigns.

If the Republicans were left at the gate in 1992, they have surely caught up this year, blurring the lines on everything from prescription drug coverage to corporate malfeasance to the handling of Social Security.

Democrats and Republicans are lamenting the prospect of another election with low voter turnout, but in truth, they have only themselves to blame. What initially had been seen as a clever, if perhaps cynical, gambit for political advantage has ended up giving voters a choice between beige and brown."

Well, something for everyone: If politics is more partisan, gerrymandering and safe seats may be a part of it.

How any of this reinforces Prof Krugman's thesis eludes me. But hey, it's only the Times.

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