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Saturday, October 05, 2002

Start Spreading the Word... They're Leaving Today...

The Yanks don't want to be a part of it, evidently. "It" being the now-irrelevant baseball playoffs. Well, we still have a rooting interest: Donnie Moore was an Angel pitcher who gave up a key home run back in 1986, when the Red Sox stunned the Angels with a dramatic comeback. Several years later Moore committed suicide, citing this homerun as a reason. His daughter (now 30, with kids) never goes to Angels games or watches them because she remembers Angels fans as being rotten to her Dad. Hey, that's good enough for me - I just hope the Angels are trounced at home so their fans can be humiliated on national television watching some other team boogie down at the Angel's ballpark.

OK, in other baseball news, I am now at liberty to reveal the background of some Very Big Talks. The network broadcasters, and of course the fans, have a compelling interest in competitve playoff series. Frankly, after losing two of the first three games to the now-hated Angels, Mr. Steinbrenner of the Yankees was concerned that the Boys from the Bronx were not providing an adequate level of competition. He approached the Commissioner with a seemingly novel idea: Manny Ramirez and Pedro Martinez of the once-hated Red Sox were finished for the season - why not let them play a couple of games with the Yanks? Balance things out a bit, help the fans. The Commissioner loved this idea, drew up the papers, and everything was ready to go for Game 4 in Anaheim. Incredibly, for a Democratic state, no judge could be found to issue the appropriate waivers and court orders. So, despite the blow to baseball fans everywhere, the non-competitive Yankees were eliminated from the playoffs. Rumors that the Yankees are resuming their efforts to secure a stadium in New Jersey, where judges are visionary and accomodative, can not be confirmed.

Final Comment: Yes, a link to some archived posts would be kind of helpful. However, we don't do archive links at Blogger. The moving hand writes, and having writ, moves on, or some such. I imagine it is one more problem they are working on. Jeralyn at TalkLeft has some coverage of this too.

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