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Friday, October 11, 2002

We Get Some Perspective on "Saturday Night" Taylor

Taylor withdraws from Montana Senate race, citing an ad which made him appear to be gay, maybe. A bit of perspective as to how this played in Montana comes from our oft-cited Billings-Gazette. And, from a Democrat who actually thinks this ad was inappropriate:

"State Sen. Ken Toole, D-Helena, and program director for the Montana Human Rights Network, said Thursday morning the ad "is an overt and obvious appeal to the homophobic (voter) that is playing to that stereotypic imagery."

Toole, who has fought for homosexual rights for years in the Montana Legislature, said he had complained to the state Democratic Party.

Toole said the Democratic response was that the image was not intended to imply that Taylor was gay.

"It is hard to believe their advertising firm did not see it," Toole said. "Bottom line is it is obvious and it ought to be pulled.

"Once you play these cards, inject this crap into a campaign - race, gay - nobody controls it," Toole said."

Ted Barlow, reliably left, also sees problems with the ad, as well as with the posturing of both sides.

Other principled Democrats continue to think it over.

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