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Thursday, October 31, 2002

Why Is It Always Political?

SO, I am continuing my parental due-diligence by watching "Birds of Prey" with my twelve year old. Huntress, the super-powered Baddy-Bashing Beauty has, you may be interested to know, met with a fashion consultant. Now, she dresses for fights in, well, fighting clothes. Something I might wear to the gym, she wears to kick ass - good for her! The disco wardrobe is saved for, we presume, the disco. An unexpected ray of light.

But not my point! Last night's show revolved around some poor kid/adult/geezer with a weird disease that caused accelerated aging - roughly eighty years in three days. It's not all bad - everything he buys comes with a lifetime guarantee. But the highlight was the big finish, when he ages about twenty five years in two minutes. Man, I thought I was watching the Senate races in New Jersey and Minnesota. Where is the Fairness Doctrine now?

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