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Sunday, November 10, 2002

The Beat Goes On: Post-Election Reviews At The Times

Tom Friedman: "Let's be blunt: the Democratic Party as a force for shaping U.S. foreign policy is out of business, until that party undergoes regime change."

Bob Herbert: "The Democratic Party is like an army that dutifully goes off to battle but leaves its ammunition and its principles behind. It's bad enough to lack the firepower that you need to win. It's worse to not even know what you're fighting for."

Nick Kristof: "Already the Republicans are oozing hubris.

(You can't much blame them. As David Letterman observed about the Democrats, You know you're in trouble when your bright young star of the future is Frank Lautenberg.)"

William Safire: "What message will Democrats take from Bush's validation day? G.O.P. partisans fervently hope defeated Democrats will say "No more Mr. Nice Guy," angrily return to class-war, peacenik principles and oppose Bush on the liberation of Iraq and on tax cuts, including the "death tax." However, the Clintons — with control of the purse strings — will likely keep their party on the moderate middle-road message of me-too."

Paul Krugman: "...There are essentially no moderates left in the Republican Party, so change will have to come from the Democrats. And they are deep in a hole."

MoDo remains committed to writing about Riyadh, apparently unable to confront her domestic demons. Prof. Krugman seems to have chosen to detach himself from reality. The other columnists at the Times, Safire excepted, have concerns about the Democrat Party.

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