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Wednesday, November 27, 2002

Congratulations to The Little Green Troll

Oh, for heaven's sake. The author of Rittenhouse Review announces on Nov. 14 that he will take an Brief Hiatus. On Nov. 20, a Tentative Return. On Nov. 21, a decisive announcement appears, titled "THAT DIDN’T LAST LONG - I Guess I Just Hate Feeling Left Out".

And the very next post is his deeply principled stand on Little Green Footballs, and those who link to it.

I can no longer in good conscience include on the Rittenhouse Review’s blogroll any weblog that has provided a permanent blogroll link of its own to the site known as “Little Green Footballs” or “LGF.”

Hints as to motivation?

I fully expect to be raked over the coals for this decision, to be called all sorts of names, and to be disparaged with merciless unfairness and obloquy.

Yes, for "expect" substitute 'hope". As long as you get the traffic. Since Den Beste picked it up, and the InstaPundit linked, many folks have joined in - victory! And as to name calling, will you setle for a "W"? My kids do it to me all the time, and it means "Whatever". But if you think it means "Bush Won", well, that's OK too.

So, does all this "I won't link to you if you link to him" remind anyone else of a High School nightmare? In a subsequent post that may not be a coincidence (or so Freud would argue), the author of Rittenhouse Review explains that, in what seems to have been a social highlight, he was not only "in with the in crowd" in his High School days, his value was as character assassin. Amusing, but not surprising. And now he relives his youth, and we with him. Jolly. Gee, now who can I sit next to in the cafeteria today?

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