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Wednesday, November 20, 2002

The Dark Night Descends (cont.)

The fickle fingers of fascism strengthened their grip on America's throat today with Senate approval of the bill creating the Homeland Security Department. Eight heroic Democrats and one bold Independent stood tall against the imminent depredations of the Bush Administration. Let their names be immortalized, perhaps as leaders of the rebellion in "Terminator 3".

The other Democrats, principled and courageous though they may be, succumbed to what we can only presume to be intense, unscrupulous pressure from the Administration. How were they coerced? The Times speculates thusly:

"Ms. Landrieu [D, Lousiana] is in a tight re-election race, and her vote means that Republicans cannot use the issue against her as they did other Democratic senators.

The pressure must have been brutal to force her to surrender her principles. Elections! What will they think of next!

So, ninety Senators, including all but eight Democrats, have thrown in the towel in the struggle against fascism. Darn it.

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