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Tuesday, November 12, 2002

Everything Reduces To "Good Cop - Bad Cop"

Has the Bush Administration been using Powell and Rumsfeld in a "good cop - bad cop" tactic on Iraq? This routine is so much fun, everyone can play. Apparently, the Iraqi Parliament has rejected the UN Resolution on disarmament. Gosh, Iraq has a parliament? I suspect gerrymandering has left this institution sadly unresponsive to the views of the people.

In any case, we deplore their unreasonable stance and can only hope that wisdom, patience, and good judgement will be found elsewhere in the Iraqi government. This is an opportunity for Saddam to position himself for a Nobel Prize by bringing these two seemingly irreconcilable sides together. Step forward, man of peace and good will!

UPDATE: Hmm, the White House does not think this sets the stage for a grand entrance by Saddam. They may have a point.

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