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Tuesday, November 26, 2002

Fore! Or, The NY Times As A Blog

Mickey comments on the NY Times / Augusta National women's integration flap, and points us to another Slate writer. Says Jack Shafer of the Times unrelenting and uninteresting campaign:

This sort of churning and whisking of yesterday's topic, adding new ingredients in incremental proportions in story after story until you build a 12-foot tall meringue isn't news coverage, it's blogging!

Well, write about your interests and hope people discover you. Didn't the Times put out a poll saying the Democrats need to sharpen their message? Maybe "Women in Augusta" could be the rallying cry for 2004!

The Times delivers another Augusta editorial today. Everyone should boycott the Masters except the Times:

CBS stockholders should ask how the network can afford to devote so much broadcast time to an event that produces no revenue.

Corporate executives from major companies should ask themselves whether they feel comfortable with any endorsement of an extravaganza run by a club that excludes women. Top players present and past, starting with Tiger Woods, also need to ask themselves whether winning the Masters next year will be such a crowning achievement. Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus should apply pressure as well.

The AP reaches Tiger Woods for some comments. A clearly rattled Woods offered these thoughts:

Woods said Johnson called him shortly after the chairman said in a series of interviews there was no chance a woman would join Augusta National by April.

``He told me what was going to come out, what he had said, and that was it,'' Woods said. ``He also talked about some of the changes to the fifth hole.''

The mounting pressure is clearing having an effect:

...More people are going to be more inquisitive come the Florida swing and on,'' he said. ``There's going to be a lot of players asked about it.''

Well, maybe it isn't. In other developments, Jack Shafer adds another newspaper to the list of those calling for a Times boycott! This could get big yet.

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