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Friday, November 22, 2002

Giuliani Sells Out

We applaud. Our hope was that Giuliani would join the Bush Administration is some capacity to help clean up corporate America, and if I had an archive link I would prove it. However, this free market solution has some advantages.

Rather than lease his credibility and reputation to the American people at what might be a discount to its market value, Rudy will be fairly compensated for his reputation. We like to see people do well by doing good, and it is nice to think that our system can actually provide financial rewards for honesty. Paul Volker had a similar experience.

Secondly, "Giuliani Partners" has his name on it. Unless we were going to create "The Department of Giuliani Justice", his impact would be diluted across many agencies and people, and eventually, his reputation would be diminished. Now, he will live and die by sweating the truth out of his clients.

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