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Monday, November 18, 2002

Gore in '04

Oh, help me, please. I need a rhyme for Gore and " '04". What is the English for "No mas"?

Gore gets a valentine from Time magazine. Great new info:

Gore now acknowledges that he micromanaged his campaign into incoherence. "I don't think I'm a very good political tactician. As a matter of fact, I think I'm pretty lousy at it," he told Time. "I don't think I'm a good campaign manager, particularly not good at managing myself as a candidate." Or managing others: Where Bush relied on—and trusted—a few key advisers like Karl Rove and Karen Hughes, Gore's team was a shifting cast of backbiting pollsters and strategists, none of whom were ever sure where they stood with the candidate. His wife and kids seemed to be the only people he really trusted.

Well, yes, there is much anecdotal evidence that he annoyed his staff as much as he annoyed the rest of us. More:

Our polling has good news and bad news for him. In a Time/cnn survey conducted last week, 61% of Democrats said they would like to see Gore run for President in 2004, so at the moment, the nomination is his to lose. Against the six most likely challengers (Joe Lieberman, Tom Daschle, John Kerry, Dick Gephardt, John Edwards and Howard Dean), Gore is favored by a whopping 53% of Democrats. (No one else gets more than 10%.) If Hillary Rodham Clinton's name is included, it becomes a contest, though Gore would outpoint her 36% to 26%.

So, Big Al is running strongly in early "name recognition" contests. What TIME does not report is that, in another poll that includes Hillary!, Michael Jordan, Dale Earnhardt, and Elvis, Gore drops behind former Vt. Governor Dean, both of whose supporters stuck with their original pick. But perhaps this is a new Al Gore?

"This is the New Gore..."

Oh, please. "New Al Gores" are like street-cars - there will be another one along in a minute. And, finally, a bit of cliff-dancing by the once and future candidate:

"He [Gore] has a much more easygoing attitude toward the world than I ever knew him to have." One clue as to how he got there may be a little book in the Arlington, Va., house where he and Tipper have spent most of the past two years—The Meditation Year: A Seasonal Guide to Contemplation, Relaxation and Visualization. "Both Tipper and I have meditated for quite a while," he says, "and we both believe in regular prayer."

Oh, good supplement, Al! Without the "prayer" coda, you would not have had one. Nice to see you've still got it.

The Man Without Qualities and the Woman With Many reflect on Big Al.

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