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Friday, November 22, 2002

The Hammer Comes Down

And again! And as reassurance that there is a method to this nick-naming madness, a clue.

I continue to like my idea from yesterday:

Harvard Law School is considering a speech code. Maybe Daschle can propose one for the whole country. Gee, if Rush is creating a "hostile work environment" for poor old Tom, maybe some sort of harassment lawsuit is possible, too.

More research is needed. We know that Senators are often described as "public servants", and surely it is we, the people, who are paying Daschle. Does this oblige us, as his employer, to prevent a "hostile work environment"? Does the answer change if the elected official is a woman, or a member of a particular ethnic or religious group? Is Rush harassing Tom based on Tom's lawful exercise of his free speech rights, and is that a problem? Troubling.

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