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Saturday, November 02, 2002

Hats Off to Michele

From the InstaPundit we learn that Michele of "A Small Victory" is having a bit of a public relations challenge. We will let her tell it:

"Alrighty. Now four people have taken me off their links list and publicly announced it."

Seems a bit rude. Your thoughts, Michele?

"I'm 40 years old and this is grade school all over again, when Gloria told everyone that she hated me, so of course everyone else came out of the woodworks to hate me, too. It's like bringing your lunch into the cafeteria and realizing that there's nowhere to sit because no one will make a space for you.

Well, I have some grade-schoolers, too. And I sense your anger.

But I am not a rush-to-judgement type of guy. There are always two sides to a story. My guess is somebody had a good reason. I happened to track this fellow down with Google. His thoughts?

"I do like Michele. She's a nice person, smart and witty and interesting. The problem is that lately when I go to A Small Victory, I leave frustrated and angry....

Michele, as I mentioned before, does also write at raising hell and blogcritics. Those places haven't made my head explode...yet.

Oh, sweet mercy! She made his head explode! Does her blog come with a warning label?

I will 'fess up: I am in awe of Michele's dark powers. I like to think that I have occasionally induced a bit of head-scratching. Perhaps even furrowed a brow in my time. But a full pre-frontal Vesuvius? How cool is that?

On the other hand, what do we really know about this woman? Sure, I see lots of expressions of solidarity and support in her comments. But I have a wife and kids to think about - am I in danger? What if my wife walks into the room expecting to find me at the computer and it looks like a frat house after a pizza oriented food-fight?

So, I will tread cautiously. And I suggest others do as well, at least until we know more. A bit of a heads-up - while you've still got one.

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