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Tuesday, November 19, 2002

Invasion of the Body Snatchers?

I'm reading TAPPED, right? So what's with this:

..., this was about as bad an incident of P.C.-inspired censorship as Tapped had seen in years, although it was quickly followed up with more examples from the University of California at Berkeley and other hotbeds of left-wing censorship. (Liberals ignore this growing trend -- groups of students demanding apologies and redress from papers that have printed articles with which those students disagree -- at their peril. The new left-wing campus culture, for all its newfound energy and activism, provides principled liberals with plenty to be worried about.)

or this criticism of the NY Times:

HOW STRANGE . . . That the secretive, late-night, voice-vote confirmation of conservative judge Michael McConnell received only an A.P. note in The New York Times.

or this:

One of the best indicators of a political writer's intellectual honesty is his or her willingness to accurately describe the opposition. A dishonest pundit, seeking to radically shift political definitions, will describe even the most milquetoast centrist as a "left-wing radical." (By the same token, a lot of liberals seem to consider every Republican a "right-winger.")

Que pasa? We are confounded by their new-found awareness of some of the peculiar symmetries of American politics.

However, re-assurance can be found promptly. Over at Spinsanity, we see a report on the response of the Left to the election:

...a number of liberal commentators have let loose a barrage of attacks on President Bush and his party featuring dire claims about what will happen when Republicans take control of Congress.

The attacks started immediately after last Tuesday's election. Writing in the American Prospect Online, Harold Meyerson claimed that "Only the filibuster now stands between the nation and the unchecked rule of the most rightwing, xenophobic and belligerent administration in the nation's history."

Ah, order restored.

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