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Tuesday, November 05, 2002

Kristof Must Be Reading Krugman

Kristof continues the refeshing burst of candor we noted at the Times with a column titled "The Left Dumbs Down". His intro:

"In the 1990's, nothing made conservatives look sillier than the way they excoriated Bill and Hillary Clinton as traitors and even murderers.

Yet these days, the intelligent left is dumbing down and showing signs of slipping into a similar cesspool of outraged incoherence. It's debasing and marginalizing itself by marshaling epithets rather than arguments."

Well, yes. We noted this phenomenon a while back with respect to Al Gore. Just as in the 90's when there were Republicans who loathed Clinton so deeply that their brains froze, so today we see Democrats experiencing the same thing with Bush. The medical term is "Bush-whacked".

Now, if Righties were truly compassonate, we would form support groups, and initiate an outreach effort. We've been there, we feel your pain. Or would, if we had any empathy. Instead, I expect we will leave you to suffer, raving incoherently and swatting at shadows, for what will probably be six more years - but, like dog-years, they will seem much longer.

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