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Friday, November 22, 2002

A Little Bit of Turf In the Battle For Truth

Did you fight the power today? Eugene Volokh is a very nice guy (benefits explained here), and he doesn't pester his readers for favors that often. He is also right, and Amazon is wrong. Follow his links and fire away! I mean, nicely, of course.

Here, for example, is my evil prose. A holiday boycott? The pocketbook is their most vulnerable area.

Dear Sir:

With the holidays approaching, I need to find a site that sells books with reviews I can trust. You can imagine my embarrassment if I sent as a gift a book that turned out to be discredited.

I suggest that you check your review and information of the following book:


The author has been booted from his professorship for falsifying his research, and the book is totally discredited. Probably worth mentioning at some point in an updated review.

If you do a bit of news research, you will find this easy to confirm. Here are two stories:



As a book-seller, Amazon should be vigilant about this.

Best wishes for the holiday season. I hope I can rely on you when I shop there.

Hey, the Times buckled, sort of, as noted below. Who knows?

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