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Thursday, November 14, 2002

MoDo: You Can't Go Home Again

As the Man Sans Q observes, Maureen Dowd resolutely refuses to confront the election news, the ascendance of the Bush Administration or the Bush success at the UN. Did she make an "Alec Baldwin" style promise to leave the country if Republicans re-gained control of the Senate?

We are reminded of Tex Cobb, a minor pugilist and actor ("Raising Arizona"). Mr. Cobb was tabbed for a hopelessly one-sided boxing match against Larry Holmes, covered by Howard Cosell and ABC Sports. Mr. Cosell was so embarrassed by the spectacle that he asserted he would never cover boxing for ABC Sports again.

Informed of this news, Mr. Cobb reflected briefly and asked "If I fight Larry Holmes again, will Cosell quit Monday Night Football?"

If it took an election to silence MoDo, let's have another one soon.

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