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Friday, November 15, 2002

Oh, Those Annoying Pop-Ups!

The Man Sans Q describes his experience with software that blocks pop-up windows:

"However, Pop-Up Stopper often blocks access to certain "click-ins" - including most notably the "comments" sections of many blogs."

Say it with me, people: that's not a bug, that's a FEATURE!

In fact, we are waiting for a "Blog-Stopper", that will prevent annoying bloggers from promoting their bizzaro views. "Blogger" was partway there, with a version that prevented folks from publishing or archiving, but they seemed to have backed off from that product.

Anyway, here is a good, free pop-up stopper. And if you want to open a "click-in" window, either turn off the pop-up stopper, or simply press CTRL-C.

BTW, are you taking tech advice from the MinuteMan? Hard times all around.

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