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Saturday, November 23, 2002

Our Civil Liberties Are Imperiled

OK, a sample link. I don't think you will disagree that we have heard this "civil liberties" plaint quite a bit.

So, as proof that everything old is new again, I wonder - Al Gore, to our horror, seems to be the leading candidate for the Democratic Party nomination for President. He has come out in favor of single payer health care. Now, he has not gotten into specifics, but my understanding is the the ultimate effect of a single payer system is that every physician becomes a government employee, and that every patient has each and every health care decison monitored and approved by the state.

As I said, an old question - does anyone on the left want to voice concern about this potential infringment on our civil liberties?

OK, it's early. The next "New Al Gore" will probably propose something else. But those are excuses, not answers. Does single-payer health care represent a serious compromise to American civil liberties?

UPDATE: An interesting series of posts on the bipartisan nature of our current civil liberties situation, starting with TalkLeft.

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