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Thursday, November 14, 2002

Please Come to Boston

Democrats select Boston for their 2004 Convention, to start July 26. John Kerry smiles.

We applaud the Dems for a wise choice - now, their party and the Red Sox can begin their mid-summer swoon together.

Time for a Bold Prediction: If, I say IF, Gov. Pataki can convince Karl Rove that George Bush can win NY in 2004, we will see the following:

- The Republican Convention in 2004 will be in the greatest city in the world.

- There will be a Federal bail-out of the NYC budget, linked to 9/11, so don't everyone crowd the trough. Look for Pataki and Giuliani at center stage of the signing ceremony, with Senators Schumer and Junior Senator What's 'er Name stuck at the edge of the crowd.

- As a twofer, either Pataki or Giuliani will contest Schumer's Senate seat in 2004.

UPDATE: Neither The Brother Judd nor the New Republic seem to be Boston fans.

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