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Monday, November 18, 2002

Sauce For The Goose

The NY Times is full of free advice for folks involved with the Augusta National controversy about the refusal of this private club to admit women as members.

...If the club that runs the Masters can brazenly discriminate against women, that means others can choose not to support Mr. Johnson's golfing fraternity. That includes more enlightened members of the club, CBS Sports, which televises the Masters, and the players, especially Tiger Woods.

...Mr. Weill and Mr. Chenault should lead the way by resigning from the club and encouraging other C.E.O.'s to do the same. CBS Sports, which seems to think this issue is no big deal, needs to think again.

Tiger Woods, who has won the Masters three times, could simply choose to stay home in April.

Such noble attention to other people's behavior. My pithy Letter to the Editor will read as follows:

Dear Sir;

I read with interest your editorial describing the refusal of Augusta National to admit women as members. ("America's All-Male Golfing Society") You call on Sanford Weill of Citigroup and Kenneth Chenault at American Express to resign from the club; you call on Tiger Woods to boycott next year's Master, one of the four legs of golf's Grand Slam; and you seem to suggest that CBS Sports should not broadcast the Masters.

May I suggest that these lofty principles can be applied somewhat closer to home? I call upon the NY Times to announce immediately that, unless and until Augusta National admits a woman, the Times will not send any sports reporters to cover the Masters, and that Times coverage will consist of burying the Masters daily leaderboard results back in page nine of the sports section.

Thank you for your prompt attention to this.


A Skeptical Reader

UPDATE: Hey, I like the way this guy thinks. Although, with this kind of coincidence, it may be time to change the tinfoil in my Yankees cap.

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