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Thursday, November 21, 2002

Sen. Lieberman On "Imus In The Morning"

Sen. Joe Lieberman, a long-time guest of Don Imus, had a phone chat this morning. It is difficult to take notes while driving, but here are a few highlights:

Lieberman repeats "the pledge": Gore will decide by January whether he is going to run. Lieberman owes his national prominence to Gore, feels loyalty and commitment, so he will not run if Al does. Does he think Al should run? Well, Gore/Lieberman got more votes than anyone other than Reagan/Bush in 1984, so Gore is entitled to a second shot.

How about Tom Daschle saying that right wing radio increases the threat of violence? Well, Lieberman's offices in Washington and Hartford do receive more phone calls when Rush attacks Joe. There has not been a suggestion of violence, although he cannot speak for Daschle. In any case, no one wants to limit Rush's free speech.

Well, if talk radio can incite violence, can't Hollyood movies? Tap-dancing. Free speech. No censorship.

Are you over the 2000 election? Lieberman disagrees with the US Supreme Court decision, but it all ended January 20, 2001.

Soundbite of Lieberman's economic plan - undo tax cuts for the rich, have targeted tax cuts for the middle class and working class - college aid, health care, whatever might buy votes. Ooops, he did not put it that way, that was how I heard it.

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