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Friday, November 08, 2002

The Times, The Towel, The Throwing-in

From Friday's lead editorial:

"President Bush's measured tone and modest demeanor at his post-election news conference yesterday provided a timely reminder of why he has the support of so many voters who appear to disagree with so many of his policies....[He] did not gloat, and indeed seemed at pains to avoid the triumphalism that some Republican leaders couldn't resist expressing.... The image he projected was one of inclusive leadership rather than narrow partisanship, and while the country is clearly in for some bruising ideological battles come the next Congress, the president's manner — at turns affable and somber, and wholly disarming — seemed well suited to the needs of the moment.

... The president set two very appropriate goals for the necessarily brief lame-duck session that begins next week.... One is to complete work on a Department of Homeland Security. The other is to approve terrorism insurance. We would add a third: helping the unemployed.

Homeland security has been blocked by Democratic opposition to Mr. Bush's plan to reduce civil service protection for the employees of the new department. This is no longer a fight worth pursuing. While we believed the Democrats had the better position, the one thing voters made clear on Tuesday is that they support the president on the homeland security issue. The Democrats should go along, and Senator Robert Byrd, the powerful Democrat from West Virginia who believes that the antiterrorist apparatus was constructed too quickly, should drop his threat to filibuster the bill."

Well, that's the fighting spirit that should rally the base! Maybe the Times should stick to faux-news, and skip the free political advice.

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