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Tuesday, December 17, 2002

Comedy Central at Counterspin

In an attempt to get Krugman's Friday column today, we swung by "Counterspin", perpetrated by Hesiod. Let's see.

Here is a cool photo of Bush making merry with Lott and Thurmond. Commentary, please?

PARTY ON, DUDE! Well...well...welll...! Why is it that just about every other photo I've seen of this event has the whole left side of it cropped off?

Well, that's innocuoos. No real statement as to what party he thinks this might be, although the implication is clear. When Glenn Reynolds uses that rhetorical ploy, it is sometimes called "disinglennuous". With Hesiod, such a comment is called "posting".

In the comments section, we see that a few readers actually thought the picture was of Bush at the now-infamous birthday bash on Dec. 5th, where Lott made his deplorable comment. However, one commenter finally does a bit of checking, links to the daily press briefing, and learns that Bush attended a Thurmond reception on Friday Dec. 6. Counterspin, unspun!

One post down, Hesiod challenges the notion that some Dems are equating opposition to affirmative action, hate crimes bills, or other liberal initiatives to racism. He then offers the following:

What is Sully's specific beef? That we mainstream Democrats "equat[e] . . . opposition to affirmative action or hate-crime laws or any other number of leftist policies with racism . . . ." Excuse me? We do?!? Why was I not informed?!?

Name a SINGLE mainstream, Democratic party politician or leader who espouses those beliefs. No...even better...name a SINGLE high-rankng Democratic party elected official, or leader [You know...the equivalent of Trent Lott] who currently holds those beliefs.

Well, perhaps he will wriggle on "party leader", althought the example Sullivan offered was a journalist. That said, I will re-hash this morning's offering from Mr. Marshall:

One of the subtexts of the intra-Republican fight going on right now is that congressional Republicans are already looking to push an agenda that is, let's say, racially edgy. They don't want to hit that fight with Lott's baggage in tow.

Ed Kilgore is the Policy Director of the Democratic Leadership Council -- in other words, not exactly like a proxy for Al Sharpton or anything. And today he told me this ...

The angle some people may be missing about conservatives and Lott is that they are eager to pursue a number of things--a scaleback of affirmative action policies, private school vouchers, appointment of conservative judges with backgrounds more questionable than Lott's--that will create some concerns that the GOP is not exactly the reborn Party of Lincoln...

Well, I don't go by "Counterspin" often. Do you wonder why?

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