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Thursday, December 19, 2002

Even When They Are Right, They Are Wrong

TAPPED out again! Commenting on the Augusta National coverage at the Times, TAPPED says this:

DO THE MATH. On the matter of Augusta National Golf Club, Eric Alterman easily debunks the issue of a liberal "crusade" at The New York Times with a quick Nexis check. (Tapped wishes that had occurred to us.)
Turns out that the Times has not run many more stories than some other major papers; the Los Angeles Times, The Washington Post and USA Today have each published more than 20 stories on the controversy. Check out Alterman's piece here. So the question is, will the right discover rampantly liberal editors at each of these papers? Probably not.

Well, Alterman does not claim to have performed a Nexis search, so let's leave him out. While they are regretting their inability to perform a Nexis search, the chaps at TAPPED might like to reflect on their inabilty to perform a Google search. If they had, they might have found this USA Today article, from Dec. 4:

...some believe the Times has made into a crusade to have women admitted to Augusta.

The paper has written 33 pieces on the controversy since July, second to the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's 37, where the Augusta flap is a local story. (By comparison, the Los Angles Times has written 27 pieces, USA TODAY 24 and The Washington Post 22.)

Alterman says this:

As of December 3 it had published four fewer stories than the Atlanta Journal-Constitution's thirty-seven, where Augusta is a local story, and just slightly more than the Los Angeles Times (twenty-seven pieces), USA Today (twenty-four) and the Washington Post (twenty-two).

Well. The USA Today piece is dated Dec 4, Alterman says "as of Dec 3", the numbers match... who knows?

Please, TAPPED. Get ahold of Scaife and have him rent you a PC. And beg for a high speed internet hook-up. These are the common tools of serious bloggers and, we suspect, a few serious journalists.

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