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Friday, December 06, 2002

Flood the Zone - The Central Park Jogger

Props to the Times for an extraordinary effort in covering this story. The Dead Tree version has extensive coverage - on the web, the Times cracks open its archives and reprints original coverage from 1989 and 1990.

Current coverage and related stories will also be found here, as "Related Stories" grouped around the Jim Dwyer "think piece". Sidebars include an update on the victim, and an appraisal of the prospects for a wrongful conviction lawsuit. The chances of a big court award for the five soon to be non-convicts appear to be slim.

Pulitzer Prize material here. Good luck to Jim Dwyer.

Now, I will take one quote away from this:

The report contained no sweeping admonitions about a miscarriage of justice, and did not portray the convicted men as innocents who committed no crimes in the park on the night of the rampage. But in an avalanche of facts, it focused narrowly on legal grounds and argued that, given the new evidence, the verdicts probably would tip in the defendants' favor if new trials were to be held.

That is probably as balanced and accurate a summary as can be written.

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