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Thursday, December 19, 2002

Gun Control in London

The gangsters have the guns and the police are losing control.

Well, if I ran a real newspaper (or a real blog) I would dredge up crime stats for some US counterpart to London, like the greatest city in the world. Evidently the WaPo is simply clipping Reuters stories, just like me. And I bet they haven't finished their holiday shopping either.

Oh, I'm kidding - if Google is with me, who shall stand against me?

London, from the WaPo: Police say there have been 200 shootings in the last eight months...

NYC, from the Daily News: Gun violence, which had surged earlier this year, has leveled off. There were 1,800 people shot so far this year...

Changes nothing. Do the Yankees play in London? And who has the better trend?

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