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Tuesday, December 03, 2002

The Holiday Spirit of Goodwill Descends Upon Us All

In an unexpected burst of bipartisanship, Paul Krugman delivers the astonishing Holiday-season news that not all Republicans are evil:

Some people — moderate Republicans who aren't ready to admit what has happened to their party, and Democrats who think their party can appease the right by making its own promises of smaller government — still don't get it. They imagine that at some point the right will decide that it has gotten what it wants.

But the right's ambitions have no limits, and nothing moderates can offer will appease it.

Oh, it's only the right wing Republicans we need to worry about! Deck the Halls!

UPDATE: Buoyed by his selection as "Columnist of the Year", Prof. Krugman is apparently now entering the "Best Fiction"category. Matt Hoy explains.

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