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Monday, December 09, 2002

I Will Be Darned

A reliably left-wing friend points me to an article and a map on charitable giving, both from this week's Barrons. Did I mention he was a lefty? He also has an inquiring mind, so he was curious when he looked at the "Give Until it Hurts" map.

Well, by the measure being used, the three most generous states are Mississippi, Arkansas, and South Dakota. In fact, the South generally scores much higher than famously Red states such as New York or California (or Connecticut).

If anyone cares to rise and defend the South, they might want to start here. A very cool graphic would be to overlay this map with the 2000 Election Red State/Blue State map - Compassionate conservatives, indeed.

UPDATE: OK, comparisons of medians versus means for income and donations could change the conclusions if the distributions vary by state.

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