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Tuesday, December 24, 2002

Jay Caruso Shows The Democrats The Way To The White House

Bob Graham for President! A popular former Governor, currently Senator from big-state Florida, Southern appeal, good resume - why not?

Now, I recollect that Graham was the model for the potential rival that "Clinton" had to blackmail out of the race in "Primary Colors", set in 1992. [Mini-update: How often do you have a cup of coffee and think of Lawton Chiles? I may have to look this up.] Graham was also mooted as a VP pick in 2000 [As I recall, but where's the cred now?].

Would Graham's entrance eliminate the first, last, and only rationale for an Edwards candidacy? With JF Kerry filling the "self-financing guys named 'John' who remind us of Kennedy" niche, and Graham as a distinguished Southerner, what is left?

UPDATE: Oh, how right was this? Skip the impenetrable time stamps, and let me excerpt Hauser from Dec. 4:

Bob Graham -- national security guru, media fave, former successful Governor of a small, politically insignificant state (that would be both (a) Florida and (b) sarcasm, for those scoring at home, and if you are. . . .) would seemingly make a superb centrist Presidential candidate, superior in every way (e.g., integrity, electability) than Joe "I'm basically popular only amongst Jewish staffers in the Beltway" Lieberman. CAN SOMEONE EXPLAIN why Graham isn't running for President??? [MORE ON WESLEY CLARK in the near future, bye the bye]

That nails it. Although he doesn't point out the Edwards comparison. Check his latest dark vision for Dem success in 2004.

MORE: John Edwards: NOT a reader of mine.

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