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Saturday, December 21, 2002

Jonah Goldberg Defending The Peanut Man?

Black leaders defending segregation? Democrats speaking in race-baiting code? Racism at the Washington Post?

Is this a full service blog, or what?

OK, racism at the WaPo - a black writer with a lengthy column explaining that her neighborhood does not need any more white yuppies.

Jonah Goldberg defends this idea, and mentions Jimmy Carter's infamous "ethnic purity" gaffe.

And, in a column about Coleman Young, we get this sidebar about Jimmy's "ethnic purity" damage control:

In the spring of 1976, Jimmy Carter's soaring presidential campaign stalled when he told a journalist he saw nothing wrong with "ethnic purity" when applied to black neighborhoods.

Alarmed Carter supporters said the statement sounded like something out of Nazi Germany. The resulting controversy was threatening to end Carter's campaign when he arrived at Detroit's airport to begin a campaign tour of Michigan.

On the plane, Carter and his black and white liberal advisers agonized over how to manage damage control at the next press conference.

A Carter supporter, Young entered the plane and told the future president: "Jimmy, you've got to get up off your goddamn knees."

Then Young went out to lead the charge, telling reporters that ethnic purity in black neighborhoods was "as American as apple pie."

Well, if Jonah and Jimmy and the WaPo agree, how can I dispute them? One wonders if there is a connection to Ward Connerly's recent remarks, or Bob Herbert's reaction to them.

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