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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

Now It's a Court Filing On Behalf of Bob Jones University

Drudge has the megaphone, but score one for the blogosphere and Josh Marshall, news maker and story breaker:

Senate Republican leader Trent Lott tried to help Bob Jones University keep its federal tax-exempt status despite the school's policy prohibiting interracial dating two decades before his recent comments stirred a race controversy.

"Racial discrimination does not always violate public policy," Lott, then a congressman from Mississippi, wrote in a 1981 friend of the court brief that cited prior court rulings upholding affirmative action programs at colleges.

Oh, the excerpt is out of context, and maybe, I say maybe, this is only "bad" and not "ghastly". But we are long past ridiculous here. And the Zone is Flooded at Talking Points, who seems to be the go-to guy for every Lott horror story out there. Josh may need more band-width, or storage - find his tip-jar.

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