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Friday, December 13, 2002

The Party of Inclusion

That would be the Democrats? According to the NY Sun, Al Gore’s former campaign manager Donna Brazile is working out a plan to de-rail Al Sharpton in the 2004 Presidential primaries by nominating a variety of black "favorite son" candidates in various states. Quote for Dems having trouble getting nervous about 2004:

Ms. Brazile outlined her plan in Newsweek magazine this week. She estimated that a coalition of local African-American candidates — like Detroit Mayor Kwame Kilpatrick, Rep. Jim Clyburn of South Carolina, and former New Orleans mayor Marc Morial — could pick up enough delegates to have a say in the party platform and, potentially, a role as kingmakers.

She told the Washington Post’s George Will that without the competition from favorite sons, Mr. Sharpton could win states like South Carolina, Delaware, and Maryland, where black voters play a leading role in Democratic primaries.

Orrin Judd has some thoughts on this.

Meanwhile, in other Sharpton news, my favorite Al was on CNN's Crossfire, sounding sensible, moderate, and, to Donna Brazile's ears, no doubt terrifying. Also, in a "Is Lott racist, or just stupid?" segment, here is Paul Begala:

BEGALA: I think you make a good point that people ought not try to judge Senator Lott's heart. We don't know what's in his heart. I have no idea if he's a racist or not. I want to believe you. I don't know him. I believe you when you say he's not.

MCCOLLUM: Well, I do know him, and I know he's not.

BEGALA: I take that. But we can judge his words, and they were racist, because he repeated them 20 years ago....

Well, I respect Begala's generosity of spirit, and have been laboring to match it. But the "Is Lott stupid" debate ended days ago.

UPDATE: Hello. TAPPED presents an "Al Sharpton, The Not-So-Phantom Menace" trailer. My goodness, racially divisive politics on the Left? Imagine.

And as a bonus, my earliest description of my "Tale of Two Als" theory.

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