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Wednesday, December 11, 2002

When Life Hands You Lemonade...

Spill it on yourself. That is a new way to "flood the zone". Nathan Newman publishes an excerpt from Al Gore's appearance with Judy Woodruff on CNN last Monday. Gore was criticizing Lott, and managed to deliver the following:

"For him to say that this nation has a lot of problems today that stem from not electing a segregationist as President of the United States-- this is 2002. Does he want to be the Haider of the United States, appealing to the racist sentiments that lie just beneath the surface? I think it's outrageous.

And who is Haider?

Labeled by his critics as a "yuppie fascist" and the "Austrian David Duke," Joerg Haider ... is (was?) the leader of an extreme right wing Austrian party. They joined the governing coalition a few years back, and all of Europe booed, and thought about boycotting Austria. Lately, his star is descendant.

Well, Big Al posed it as a hypothetical, but it does seem a bit extreme. Surely Al Gore is quite familiar with Haider's record and public image, and this comparison seems overheated and exploitative. On the other hand, maybe it doesn't seem extreme - it has gone totally unremarked, although props are due to Nathan Newman for pointing out its significance (or lack thereof) to me.

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