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Thursday, December 19, 2002

Why Don't These People Use Google?

Oh, sorry, Brad DeLong already used that headline. Oh, no, he used it here, my mistake.

Google is a powerful research tool. So when Brad Delong has a question like this:

"A Question That Has No Good Answer

Why does our President--the child of two yankees--have a brother named after Confederate cavalry general J.E.B. Stuart, a guy who would round up free Blacks during Confederate invasions of Maryland, ship them back to Virginia, and sell them as slaves?"

A casual reader might think that the question has been researched and has no good answer. Oh, dear. A quick google search turns up a link to a Bush family tree, with John Ellis ("Jeb") Bush as the brother to our current President.

Several commenters have pointed this out, but at this writing the misleading question remains, uncorrected. Credibility is no longer an issue at the DeLong site, one presumes.

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