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Friday, January 10, 2003

Bob Graham For Something Or Other

Andrew Sullivan quotes a reader, who lets a bit of air out of the Bob Graham Presidential balloon with this news:

[Graham] will never get the Democratic nomination. You see, back in 1984, Bob Graham, then running for the Senate, endorsed Ronald Reagan for president. The "endorsement" actually took place during a televised debate between Graham and his opponent. He essentially repudiated the Walter Mondale candidacy, stating that "Ronald Reagan has been good for America." Florida Democrats have a long memory. Those in Hollywood and Manhattan have even longer memories."

Hmm. I can not "google" the truth of this. However, Graham was Governor in 1984, and ran for the Senate in 1986 against Republican Paula "Screaming Jay" Hawkins. [Note to self: that last link might be broken.]

So, we are puzzled about the Reagan endorsement, since Graham was not a candidate for anything in 1984. That said, Mondale apparently abandoned Florida, which Reagan carried with 65% of the vote, so who knows? And BTW, that is a fine looking map I link to. A short, successful war with Iraq, a rebounding economy, Condi picking up Republican votes with her Senate run in California, Senator Giuliani and the NYC convention helping in NY, and we may see it again in 2004. Sorry, audible dreaming.

Does anyone think Elian will be an issue? Back in 2000, when Graham was considered as a VP for Gore, the Boston Globe gave us this cryptic comment:

Florida Senator Bob Graham probably took himself out of business with his home-cooking performance during the Elian furor.

I do not know what that means. Anyway, The New Republic has an interesting piece on Graham.

UPDATE: A correction appears in Sullivan's letters, but not on his main page. Oh, if Howell Raines did this, we would see the steam!

UPDATE 2: My unlikely alliance with "Sullywatch". They have a truly committed reader who may have found the "endorsement" in question.

My two cents? Reuben Askew ran for the Democratic Presidential nomination against Mondale in 1984 and later joined the "Stop Mondale" movement. Mondale was also calling for higher taxes. Could Askew have made some "pro-Reagan" noises that Sullivan's reader later associated with Graham?

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