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Thursday, January 30, 2003

Estrada Thrown To The Floor

Having lost a straight party line vote in the Judiciary Committee, the Dems gear up to trash a Hispanic judicial candidate on the Senate floor. But it's OK!

Democrats... noted that Estrada was opposed by several Latino groups, including the Congressional Hispanic Caucus.

The Post has noted other Dem objections:

Democrats did not contest Estrada's legal credentials but accused both Estrada and the White House of trying to hide his views on sensitive legal issues in order to ease his way through the Senate. They complained that the administration would not turn over materials written by Estrada when he worked in the solicitor general's office and that Estrada declined to answer questions about his views during a hearing on his nomination last year.

Well, as to the materials written by Estrada while in the solicitor general's office, CNN points out that all seven living former Solicitors General opposed then-Chairman Leahy's request. The opinions of other former Solicitors General can be found here.

No doubt more objections will be forthcoming.

Here is a NY Times editorial, which drew comment from Matt Hoy and Paul Weyrich.
UPDATE: This is interesting, and, in a ghastly way, potentially revealing. Estrada was originally nominated back in May of 2001. Peter Beinart of TNR explains why the Dems need to oppose him, and it has nothing to do with any specific problem with Estrada. Beinart explains that the ongoing Republican tactic will be to appoint conservative women and ethnics (Clarence Thomas) and dare the Dems to reject them. "Stiffen up!", says Beinart.

Well, it is easy to get pretty cynical about this - first, decide to reject Estrada; then, find reasons. Whatever.

Here, an old WaPo editorial says "Let Miguel go!"

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